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Ticket Dismissal

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It happens to everyone at least once in our driving lives…

One minute you’re driving down the freeway and the next thing you know, you hear the siren of a police car signaling for you to pullover. The police officer tells you that you were driving over the speed limit and promptly hands you a traffic ticket.

Luckily, there’s still something you can do to avoid paying a massive fine and the negative effect a ticket can have on your driving record. How? By using ANP Driving Schools ticket dismissal service.

Before you decide to take advantage of this invaluable service, however, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to find out if you qualify:

• Have you enrolled in a ticket dismissal class in the past 12 months? If you have, you won’t be able to attempt ticket dismissal until a two year period has passed.
• Did the violation you’re accused of result in a death or a serious injury?
• Do you have a commercial driver’s license? If you do, you’re not eligible for ticket dismissal even if the alleged violation occurred in your private car.
• Will you be able to finish the defensive driving course at least seven days before your court date?
• Is the ticket in your name?

ANP Driving School can help you effectively get your ticket dismissed or significantly lowered. We offer a wide variety of services and classes that are required by the courts and will ensure that the whole ordeal is completed fast and is as painless as possible.

Your driving-second-chance could be one phone call away. Contact us today to learn more about our ticket dismissal services, as well as our special discount prices.

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